Event Logging

Goiardi has optional event logging. When enabled with the --log-events command line option, or with the "log-events" option in the config file, changes to clients, users, cookbooks, data bags, environments, nodes, and roles will be tracked. The event log can be viewed through the /events API endpoint.

If the -K/--log-event-keep option is set, then once a minute the event log will be automatically purged, leaving that many events in the log. This is particularly recommended when using the event log in in-memory mode.

If the --skip-log-extended option is set, then the JSON encoded blob of the object being logged will not be stored.

The easiest way to use the event log is with the knife-goiardi-event-log knife plugin. It’s available on rubygems, or at github at https://github.com/ctdk/knife-goiardi-event-log.

The event API endpoints work as follows:

  • GET /events - optionally taking offset, limit, from, until, object_type, object_name, and doer query parameters.

    List the logged events, starting with the most recent. Use the offset and limit query parameters to view smaller chunks of the event log at one time. The from, until, object_type, object_name, and doer query parameters can be used to narrow the results returned further, by time range (for from and until), the type of object and the name of the object (for object_type and object_name) and the name of the performer of the action (for doer). These options may be used in singly or in concert.

  • DELETE /events?purge=1234 - purge logged events older than the given id from the event log.

  • GET /events/1234 - get a single logged event with the given id.

  • DELETE /events/1234 - delete a single logged event from the event log.

A user or client must be an administrator account to use the /events endpoint.

The data returned from the event log should look something like this:

  "actor_info": "{\"username\":\"admin\",\"name\":\"admin\",\"email\":\"\",\"admin\":true}\n",
  "actor_type": "user",
  "time": "2014-05-06T07:40:12Z",
  "action": "delete",
  "object_type": "*client.Client",
  "object_name": "pedant_testclient_1399361999-483981000-42305",
  "extended_info": "{\"name\":\"pedant_testclient_1399361999-483981000-42305\",\"node_name\":\"pedant_testclient_1399361999-483981000-42305\",\"json_class\":\"Chef::ApiClient\",\"chef_type\":\"client\",\"validator\":false,\"orgname\":\"default\",\"admin\":true,\"certificate\":\"\"}\n",
  "id": 22